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Posted on Feb 17, 2014 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Party of One

Home alone. Alone time. Being alone. What the introverts love, the extroverts dread.

As a typical extrovert, the Dose gets energized in the presence of others. Just one other person is sufficient for me. So the thought of being home alone, having alone time, or staying alone for long periods can be quite distressing.

I was once told that I “do” aloneness well. And this is true. The Dose has conquered the challenge of having more alone time than my heart’s desire. And now, quite frankly, the Dose sees the benefits of overcoming such a challenge…

Whether chosen or by default, my time alone has groomed my well-being. For the most part, this uninterrupted time has allowed me to find, develop, and strengthen myself. Basically, a metamorphosis occurred where I became good company for this party of one – me!

Whether an introvert or extrovert, being with others is a healthy part of life. And being good company for others starts with being good company for one’s own self.

Be the company others desire… including yourself!

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