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Posted on Jul 3, 2014 in Uncategorized | 1 comment

Yes or No


It’s a seemingly easy question as there are only two options to choose from.

Yes. No. Both words that are too easily used or not used enough.

Some people have difficulties refusing, rejecting, or just plain saying ‘no.’ They are the people pleasers. Never wanting to disappoint means never saying ‘no.’

For those in this camp… let’s talk. When you say ‘yes’ to all requests, you are ultimately saying ‘no’ to something else.

And the Dose knows that you people pleasers really can say ‘no’ … as you would say ‘no’ to committing criminal acts or leading your children astray. I hope.

For those who say ‘no’ to most every request and/or opportunity, I say this:  You are missing out on some good stuff along the road. When I think back to some of my regrets in life, they are because the Dose said ‘no’ without thought to opportunities that stood right in front of me.

Regardless of your answer – ensure your yes is yes and your no is no… full stop!

Choose your answer wisely.


This post is dedicated to a dear friend in Heidelberg, Germany.

1 Comment

  1. Love the message! One thing I ask myself when I say no to something: “If this is no, then what is yes?” I’ve found this helps me to take more risks. For example, when I was asked to go on a mission trip to South Africa, Zambia and Uganda, I was not comfortable saying yes. So I asked, “If going to all three countries is a no, then what is a yes?” I decided to join the group in Uganda. It was a great YES!

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