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Posted on Apr 15, 2015 in Uncategorized | 2 comments

Human Splinters

The stairway banister: designed to be helpful, not harmful. But it was. Part of that bacterium-laced banister took up residence as a splinter in the thumb of my friend… leading to hospitalization, surgery, leech therapy, and a new thumb. Yes, that is the power of an object under one’s skin!

People can be like splinters. You know the type. The ones who get “under our skin.” They have a way of intentionally irritating us. Intentionally annoying us. Their words or actions are like poison – out to infect our very souls by igniting negative emotions.

For the Dose, I find these human splinters not to be messed with. I’m either yanking them out of my life, practicing the fine art of deafening my ears to their nonsense, or simply walking away. Sound cold hearted? Mean? Not all so nice?

My friend ignored that banister splinter and ended up incapacitated for two months.

Like anything that gets under our skin – wood or metal – people who negatively affect us must be addressed immediately or else we too will fall prey to their venom!


This post is dedicated to John, who will never ever again underestimate a splinter lodged under his skin.


  1. You’re awesome and this post is spot on xo Karen love reading each one..,

  2. Donna, You’re awesome! Love reading your insights on life! Thank you! xo

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