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Posted on Oct 8, 2017 in Uncategorized | 4 comments

Cards, Cake, and Candles

Birthdays – love them or hate them. It’s your choice.

The anniversary of one’s birth needs to be considered a special day. This is the day that you were welcomed into the world… the day your mother labored selflessly to aid in this wonderful event.

Though some birthdays may not be as happy as others, my special day is always marked for recognition, even if just for me. A day off from work is typically in order, as is cake!

And now that the Dose is turning a very big age, one that many women hide from, I’m welcoming the next decade with delight. The alternative is to be miserable and the Dose doesn’t have time to be miserable… my life now is truly short!

In the saying Happy Birthday, the “Happy” is intentional. It is a happy day. Ask any new mother with a newborn. She maybe tired but she is most certainly happy!

A birth-day anniversary is just that – a marker of your entrance into life… sure beats the alternative!

Happy Birthday!


  1. Happy Birthday Dose! I love how you remind us that this is a “happy” day and reason to celebrate.

  2. Happy birthday Donna! I love my birthday too! I’ve never worked in my birthday – my present to me! 😊

  3. Happy birthday, Donna!

  4. Happy Birthday young ‘un! Hope you have a wonderful day and lots of laughter and fun. Plus some sparkling drink 🙂 Big hug Sharon x

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