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Posted on Dec 2, 2017 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

As Dark is to Light

As Dark is to Light


As dark is to light, silence is to noise.

Silence. Lack of noise – a form of darkness.

To the Dose, it’s as close to death for me here on earth. Sure, I like quietness when falling and staying asleep, but silence when my mind is screaming? No. I don’t like the silence when I’m wrestling with my thoughts. The Dose prefers a noisy distraction!

In a world of lights and sounds, silence is not always welcomed. Maybe some of us don’t like silence because then we have only our thoughts to hear… thoughts that need to be reckoned with or acted upon.

But, even though I may not like it, silence is the one thing the Dose needs during such times.  Sorting through my thoughts is a one-talking-person job. A listener may be required… but not one who talks over or through my mind’s voice.

The sound of silence – as said so eloquently by Simon and Garfunkel – is where I find a whisper of wisdom.

In these stress-filled times, meditation is tops on the ‘to-destress’ list.

Meditation is code for welcome the silence and listen for the whisper!

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A Year Long Holiday

A Year Long Holiday

A gourmet farm shop is known for providing samplings of their fruits, vegetables, and homemade dishes. So during this season it wasn’t unusual for Wilson’s to serve their customers Thanksgiving tastings.

The Dose patiently stood in line to receive a pre-holiday foretaste. I was fortunate enough to be behind a woman who decided to inform the server exactly what she wanted… white meat only, easy on the stuffing, more cranberry relish, and make certain that the gravy doesn’t “touch” the relish. Her order was placed like one ordering food in a restaurant; the only difference was that there was neither a bill attached nor a gesture of thanks.

Well, in full Dose fashion, I took note and sorted through this event. Has entitlement (give me what I want) overcome our being? Is kindness of heart (such as free food) overlooked? Where is the gratitude (our childhood lesson of saying please and thank you)?

So why was I so fortunate? The Dose received more turkey, stuffing, and relish than the previous client, all because I complimented and thanked the server, as well as wished her a Happy Thanksgiving.

Thanks. Thank you. Appreciated. Simple words that are easy to say. Let’s not make them hard to remember.


Happy Thanksgiving!

(Repost from November 2011)

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The Generosity Factor  

The Generosity Factor  

Growing up with relatives who lived through the depression, frugality was a discipline. My uncle watched every penny, yet my aunty would slip little Dose an extra dollar in my birthday card.

That extra dollar may have bought me a trinket but, more importantly, it gave me a memory and a principle that I now live by.

There were days when I’d be like my uncle, carefully calculating the waiter’s tip, the bellman’s gratuity, and the shampoo girl’s thank you. Never giving much thought about generosity, I gave what was deemed appropriate…typically 20%.

And with that 20% tip, the Dose became just an average customer… just like the amount of my tip.

Let’s face it, folks in the service industry have a very difficult job for one important reason: most strive to do their best for those they serve! Shouldn’t we reciprocate?

In the world of giving, people are known for being cheap or generous.

Be generous to all…the cost may only be that of an extra dollar bill. Ask me how I know…it’s been decades since that birthday card, yet I’ll never forget my aunt’s vs my uncle’s gift!

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