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Posted by on Jan 15, 2018 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Busy as a Buzzing Bee

Busy as a Buzzing Bee

That word – busy – has a certain connotation for the Dose… I can only picture a busy person moving papers from one pile to another. Doesn’t seem too exciting to me. Yet, it’s frequently the chosen response to the question – “How are you?”

Though I am a busy gal, the Dose sought out to find the best word to describe, well, the word busy!

With my amateur market research skills, I tested out three synonyms with one very smart friend.

“Active”: implication relates to a sport-minded, exercising person. This is not always the situation with some busy people.

“Engaged”: though it relates well to what a busy person’s life is all about, this word may lead the listening ear down the church aisle when they hear “I am engaged” …even though we mean with life, of course!

“Productive”: “I’m quite productive these days…” Here you see someone producing something from their time invested. No mere paper shuffling happening with these folks.

Busy is not a bad word, it just doesn’t seem to indicate what we are doing when we say we are busy…

Are you just busy or truly productive? Give the answer that reflects well!

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