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Posted by on Feb 4, 2018 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Passion: ‘Today’

Passion: ‘Today’

The Westin Hotel employees in Maine have name badges complete with a display of their passion.

Michael the concierge listed his passion as travel, but it was the passion of the General Manager Bruce that caught the eyes of the Dose. Bruce’s passion? Today!

And there I had my point to ponder for the two-hour drive home. Is the Dose passionate about today… every day?

I’m thinking Bruce sees each ‘today’ as an unknown adventure ride in the bigger Disney World called life–each today having thrills that have never been experienced before, all awaiting his engagement and enthusiasm.

But is today a repeat of yesterday? The same old grind… repeated five days a week? I’m thinking not. Each day may appear typical, but like Bruce, when the Dose approaches ‘today’ with passion, each day is new adventure. I never know what the day will bring… a new acquaintance, an opportunity, or a challenge that stretches my mind or faith.

This adventure ride, unlike those in Orlando, cannot be repeated. Each ‘today’ is brand new and with that comes new possibilities.

All due to a simple name badge, the Dose has embraced the passion called ‘today.’ Care to join me?

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