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Posted by on Oct 22, 2017 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

The Pause Button

The Pause Button

Red – stop; Green – go; Yellow – wait.

Love the “go” … dread the red… but it’s that yellow light – that wait signal of life that the Dose despises.

W.A.I.T. This was the word I grew up with, more specifically, the phrase “wait until you are older.” The Dose had to wait until a certain age to get my ears pierced, to have my first date, and to move out of the house.

Those rites of passage were for a reason… providing me an appreciation for those waiting times, a form of discipline, and acceptance of the way of life.

Waiting provides the time and space to evaluate and assess your desires. And it’s the waiting that ultimately evokes excitement. Delayed gratification is a sustainable reward compared to its opposite – instant. Ask any bride who has an engagement period versus one who doesn’t!

Life doesn’t always give what is wanted when it’s wanted. So, a well-developed muscle of patience is there to rescue… doling out stamina to sustain for as long as necessary.

The pause button of life is not a ‘no-go’ answer… just a ‘not-now’ response. Muscle up!

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