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Posted by on Oct 29, 2017 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

The Siri called You!

The Siri called You!

She was only five years old but what a stellar little ballerina. Her steps, hand motions, and timing were perfect. Being in her bedroom, she did the movements with confidence based on memory… perfect memory from her ballet class.

Onto the stage for the big performance… this little girl continuously goofed up as her eyes, not her memory, gave her directions from the other little performers.

The Dose has been that little girl on the stage of life; the one with eyes that shifted to and fro, following the ideas, ways, and means of others… messing up, tripping up, and just plain and simply making mistakes. And the sadder truth: I knew better. My focus was re-directed, and I was fooled into being a fool. Unfortunately, my self-confidence wasn’t on par with my instincts.

The little ballerina knew the steps of her routine, but she was derailed by the others on stage when her confidence was in question and her focus shifted.

Need direction? Take solace that the one who can best direct you is you!

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