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Posted by on Jan 7, 2018 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

The Ultimate Icon

The Ultimate Icon

Icons are images known to all. Think about it… three black circles strategically placed, and you see Mickey Mouse!

Icons are creative and cool. They provide a universal message in one simple symbol.

The Dose loves working in an office – or should I say people-based – environment. Every environment has a culture that is groomed by leadership and fostered by the people.

Never hearing the phrase – cultural icon – the Dose was surprised to be referred to as such in my work place. Apparently my “being” represents the corporate culture of the company. What are the corporate values? Integrity, innovation, and respect, to name a few… all good values to possess. And I’ll add that the Dose does bring in fun, laughs, and smiles to this organization as well!

Dose of Donna was born back in 2000 because of my behaviors in the work place. Though I had a job to do, utilizing my soft skills branded me back then and icon-ed me today!

What icon best represents you? Be creative. Make it YOU!


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