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Posted by on Jan 28, 2018 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

We on the Train

We on the Train

In the movie, the girl on the train mentally created a reality about people in houses that lined the train track.  She envisioned a loving marriage–something she had lost–between a man and a woman who lived in one of those beautiful homes.

…turns out she was “dead” wrong! They were far from loving towards each other.

Do you ever play such a ‘train game?’ You meet someone who looks all put together – the perfect life portrait – and conclude what their life must be like… perfect?

The Dose used to frequently do this activity back in the day. The thoughts typically circled around married people having a better life than this single gal.

And truth be told, it happened again not long ago. The Dose got caught up in this “train game,” only to later learn that the beautiful married woman had a serious chronic illness. Not the perfect life I had imagined.

Regardless of appearances, everyone – yes, everyone – has some issue, struggle, or problem to contend with. They may not show it or admit it, but life = imperfection.

Those living in beautiful houses are no different than we on the train.

Don’t be fooled. Face reality.

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