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Posted by on Jan 21, 2018 in Uncategorized | 1 comment

In and out… sans the burgers!

In and out… sans the burgers!


The Dose has a friend, let’s call her Wendy.

Wendy is one of those city dwellers with a two-bedroom condo. Square-foot wise, she’s considered to live in a small space. So, one of her guiding principles is that, for every item she purchases, one item needs to be removed from the homestead.

The Dose has a relatively small dwelling as well, so I’ve picked up on this principle to keep my home uncluttered. Seeing its benefit, I’ve applied this principle to my ‘extra curricula’ activities as well.

As my life is getting more engaged with new interests, the Dose is recognizing that some activities need to exit for me to be fully engaged in these new ones.

Over the past two years, advocacy to end human trafficking has my attention. This provides the Dose with clear direction on my philanthropic work, which helps me to comfortably say ‘no’ to previously ‘yes’ activities. The same holds true with my hobbies, providing me time to refine those of greatest interest vs starting new ones.

Adding onto your ‘extra curricula’ list is like holding onto old and new material goods… creating an insurmountable mountain.

Clean up and clean out… be free, be focused!

1 Comment

  1. Donna,
    I like this idea. It means drawing a line in the sand… “I will never have this much stuff again…something in, something out. I will only consider getting those things that will somehow better my life. From now on the question will be, do I need it or just want it.”

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